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Jan 2015 Minutes

January 15, 2015
Commenced at 5:38 p.m.
Roll call
Present: Laura Ryan, Christina Williams, Cindy Sausman, Mike Fish, Greg Karas, Tina Wehner, Jane
Jones, Rod Gayda, Dawn Lara, Exec. Dir. Chris Kostbade,
Excused: Amanda Zelechoski, Nancy Adams
Approval of November Minutes tabled
Approval of December/Year-end Financials
Rod moved to approve December/Year-end financials
Christina seconded
Passed by unanimous consent
Building and Grounds report
Rod reviewed the house inspection and assessment report. Discussion about adding items to the budget.
Will bid the three priority jobs for 2015: shoring basement, replacing gutters, testing electric; also bid the
sewer backflow; also add to budget the HVAC cleaning expense. Look into whether a sewer/water pipe
insurance is available for underground systems.
2015 Budget
Discussed the budget. Agreed to table for next month. Cindy to consult with Kelly and Chris to nail down
Director’s Report
Talked about court billing down. Kohl’s gave $500 donation. Chase Bank making a small donation.
Board pitched in for Christmas Party. Anderson grant came through. Denied Rotary grant. Received Tri
Kappa grant for flooring. 2 interns. TSV numbers are up; Chelsea Holmes wants to scale back her
participation. Client updates: things are better with one guy, but a bit scary with another.
Discussion of future opportunities (in-home visits)
Need to look at feasibility of in-home visits. Mike to chair committee. Transportation to Family House.
Travelling to visitation site. Jane, Dawn, Christina, Laura, Chris K.
Annual Event Date & Committee
Committee met in December and did directed discussion about goals for the event. Purpose: 3. Who is
audience? Attorneys, influential people, businesses with philanthropic goals and churches. Venue? Try
Central Park. Taste of Central Park? With food trucks. Elvis. Taking this back to Cathy to get guidance.
Good of the Order
The Country Griller does all sorts of delicious things with meat.
Meeting reminder for February 9, 2015, at 5:30 p.m.
Christina moved to adjourn
Tina seconded
Adjourned at 6:38 p.m.

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